03 October 2012

S4M-04340 Scotland’s Future

The Presiding Officer (Tricia Marwick): The next item of business is a debate on motion S4M-04340, in the name of Johann Lamont, on Scotland’s future. I remind members that the debate is heavily oversubscribed. Your time limits will be extremely strict. I hope that we can accommodate all members who want to speak.

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The Deputy Presiding Officer: I am sad to be able to give Stewart Stevenson only two minutes, too.


Stewart Stevenson (Banffshire and Buchan Coast) (SNP):
Malcolm Chisholm, at least, will be pleased if my speech is made of straw. However, it will be made entirely of Labour’s straw.

I have with me a number of Labour leaflets. One central Labour leaflet says, “Freeze council tax”; it does not say, “Freeze council tax for two years”, just “Freeze council tax”. A leaflet from Iain Gray talks about freezing council tax for two years. One Richard Simpson leaflet says,

“Keep free bus passes for the over 60s”

while another says,

“Scottish Labour will not introduce tuition fees to pay for higher education.”

A leaflet from Cathy Peattie mentions a

“Council tax freeze to help household bills”

but says nothing about two years, and another of her leaflets says:

“Labour delivered Scotland-wide ... travel for older people and introduced a young persons concessionary travel scheme. Buses are a lifeline for many.”

A central Labour leaflet mentions “no university tuition fees”; an Allan Wilson leaflet says, “Freeze council tax”; a Colin Davidson leaflet says, “Freeze council tax”; and a Willie Scobie leaflet says, “Freeze council tax”.

Members: Who?

Stewart Stevenson: He was one of Labour’s candidates. I am glad to be able to enlighten Labour on such a wide range of subjects.

However, Labour still has some decent caring people. Carwyn Jones said,

“We’re not going to change the policy on free prescriptions. We can afford it”,

and pointed out,

“If we say that people have to start paying for their medicine where does it end?”

I want to finish with Omar Khayyam.

“Each Morn a thousand Roses bring, you say:

Yes, but where leaves the Rose of Yesterday?

And this first Summer month that brings the Rose

Shall take Miliband and Lamont away.”


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