17 May 2017

Point of Order

Stewart Stevenson (Banffshire and Buchan Coast) (SNP):

On a point of order, Presiding Officer. I wish to raise a point of order under rule 7.3, “Order in the Chamber”. At 15:48 today, Douglas Ross MSP said in his speech,

“in my own area of Moray, we came closer than any part of Scotland to voting leave. Much of that vote came from the coastal communities—from Burghead ... to Cullen and everything in between.”

I note that rule 8.1.4 of the code of conduct for MSPs states:

“An MSP must not deal with a ... constituency issue outwith the member‘s constituency or region ... unless by prior agreement.”

As the constituency MSP for Cullen and many other coastal communities—but not quite as far as Burghead—I would like to indicate to you that I have not been approached by Douglas Ross for an agreement that he can raise a constituency issue relating to Cullen and other communities in my constituency, that area being in the region of North East Scotland, not the Highlands and Islands region that Mr Ross represents.

Furthermore, Presiding Officer, rule 8.1.5 states:

“Regional MSPs have a responsibility to all those in the region for which they were elected. It is important therefore that they recognise this ... and therefore work in more than two constituencies within their region.”

It might be that I have missed a reference by Douglas Ross to work in any constituency beyond Richard Lochhead’s Moray. Also, rule 8.2.2 says:

“Regional members must not”


“particular interest in ... only part of the region for which they were elected.”

Finally, rule 8.4.1 says:

“Any complaint against a member ... should in the first instance be made to the Presiding Officer.”

I note, however, that my potential actions are covered by rule 9.1.2, which says,

“Members must not disclose, communicate or discuss any complaint or intention to make a complaint to or with members of the press or other media”,

so I am making it only to members here.

Will the Presiding Officer advise whether he would see a letter of apology from Douglas Ross to me and the regional members who represent Cullen as sufficing to close the matter? Finally, perhaps in addition, will he advise Mr Ross that it would be inappropriate to make any media statement that suggests that he represents communities in my constituency in the light of his comments and participation in the fisheries debate today?


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